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Saturday, November 29th, 2003

* November 29th, 2003
July 18, 2003

ComicCon Report - Exodus - 11:01 pm
You know it has been a while and I won't tell everyone that I'll continue to post on a daily basis because it's really hard to with this beautiful summer and my incredible lack of it (2 weeks I'm already back to school). However, I figure this would be as a good a time as any to spread my love with what I know.

As some may remember I live in San Diego so it wasn't hard to make it to the International Comic Convention downtown. Though I wasn't able to check every event I wanted to for the first of three days, I did learn a good amount.

But first when I say "Comic Convention" it's really misnamed. It should be a "Fictional Universe Convention" (though I believe marketing such an event would be much tougher) . . .this means I felt much at home being around Star Wars fans, Trekkies, and anime lovers.

The first thing I saw was some of the developers of the latest Star Wars games where, as a panel, they discussed where they planned to takes the future of Star Wars games. Here I learned about plans not to nerf SWG professions, and instead bring up the rest of the profession up to that par (bad idea in my opinion, but it's their philosophy), that badges are no longer in the game and the developers will not even hint to how to become a Jedi (go figure). But it wasn't all about SWG, and in fact, it concerns a bit about the Knights of the Old Republic (which I've heard is a mighty fine game) and the third installment to the Rogue Squadron series, Rebel Strike.

Rebel Strike looks absolutely amazing but I'm afraid that it could be too much "hold the fire button and aim" style gameplay. The previous installments of the series were both difficult, so perhaps this may be an over-compensation for that fact.

Then Jedi Academy was also showing in the Star Wars booth. I didn't have the luxury to play it, but it seems to be a nice answer to the at-times monotonous and trudging Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG. Only the problem is they need to release it.

Continuing on, I listened to Rob Zombie speak a bit on his horror-fest flick House of 1000 Corpses. He discussed the aim of the sequel since his directorial debut was so successful. While details weren't specified, everyone on the panel (Rob Zombie and the main cast of the film) seemed extremely upbeat and optimistic about the sequel. Of course the highlight of the panel was hearing Chris Hardwick admit that he has been on a bunch of "crappy" television shows. Amen. Admitting is the first step.

Then we went to the head honchos of the real Star Wars deal. Merchandising, the movies, most of them were related to LucasFilm Ltd or Hasbro. Unfortunately we didn't get to hear anything about Episode III but the announcement of the Indiana Jones trilogy coming to DVD was made. 4 months...yes...four months you'll have to wait. It's going to be 4 CDs, one each for the three movies and one piles with extras. Of course all the films have been remastered frame by frame and touched with Dolby 5.1 Stereo sound.

I had to leave for my mother's birthday dinner before I could see Quentin Tarantino and Mark Hamill (both talking about their respective films). If there's any juicy information, I'll definitely post it.

For now, adios.

April 08, 2003

Call of Duty Announced - Exodus - 11:43 am
Activision is taking gamers to the frontlines of combat with Call of Duty, a new umbrella brand that lets players experience the dramatic intensity of war through the eyes of common soldiers. Set on the battlefields of the 20th century's most monumental conflicts, the series will thrust players into gripping, cinematic, authentic warfare. As unsung heroes, players experience the war from the perspective of multiple characters from numerous countries, each with varying roles and duties and who fight along side fellow soldiers in epic battle sequences. The Call of Duty brand will support Activision's multi-platform strategy and include both console and PC games.

The first title in the Call of Duty series is a gritty, authentic World War II action game for the PC that is being developed by Infinity Ward, a newly formed studio that includes 22 of the individuals who previously developed Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Players assume the role of different characters from multiple sides of the Allied forces and experience the bonding and brutality of war as they fight along side their squad mates through a variety of missions, including battlefield assaults, search and rescue, stealth, sabotage, vehicle chases and tank battles. Heeding the call of duty, gamers step into the boots of a U.S. paratrooper, a British commando and a Russian infantryman as they take on the Nazi War machine through pivotal World War II battles and authentic military campaigns. The title is slated for release later this year and has not yet been rated by the ESRB. For people looking for cheaper thrills without the blood and guts a quick spin on some of the best online slots might be a better choice. With thousands of fruit machine games from casino style slots to immersive themed video slots there's a wealth of choice out there.

Henry Rollins Speaking - Exodus - 11:41 am
Vivendi Universal Games announced today that hard rock front man (Black Flag, Rollins Band), actor ("The Chase," "Johnny Mnemonic") and spoken word artist Henry Rollins has signed on to voice the role of Mace Griffin in the upcoming video game "Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter." The sci-fi action game will be available second quarter 2003 on a series of platform.

For those who aren't completely familiar with Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter, here's a tidbit:

"Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter" takes place hundreds of years in the future, where both human and alien settlers are rapidly colonizing the galaxy. The player will assume the role of an ex-Special Ops officer, Mace Griffin. Against a backdrop of corporate, political and religious intrigue, Mace Griffin is framed for being involved in his comrades' deaths. After spending time in prison, he becomes a bounty hunter, a vocation that gives him access to classified information and a means to aggressively pursue his search for the people who framed him. The game itself is a mixture of first-person action set on alien worlds and intense combat in the depths of space.


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