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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003  

Ultimate Case Mod Part 2  |  Published: 06-03-2002

Interior Painting

WARNING: Remember, you are doing this at your own risk. PC Paradox is not liable for any thing that goes wrong with your stuff, painting PCI/AGP/ISA cards removes warranty even though it may be a trivial process. Anything you paint loses its warranty though, just clarifying.

Now on to the fun stuff (and some of the rigorous work). I’d like to let you know that I’ve taken ideas from various areas and put them all into one idea which helped me make this guide. I’m not an expert in this area so be creative in how you do things, and remember, you don’t need to follow all these directions exactly. I’d like to give credit to TheSilentChamber’s Painting guide on the Virtual-Hideout forums and also to Wolfman of VH who inspired me to do something like his Project Tivoli. To top it off, these two sites are really helpful in deciding which route you’d rather go, metallic or normal. For metallic, go with PC-Workshop’s Metallic Guide. For normal, I suggest Wookie Crisp’s I’ve decided it would be coolest to go with metallics since they look pretty cool, but choose whatever you want, its your case. Here’s what you need:

Reccomended Tools (nothing is specifically required because you choose what you want)

- Somewhere to paint it all **
- For Big cases – 3 cans of Duplicolor Metallic Flake or Candy Apple (Your choice of colors – Red, Black, Blue, Gold??, Silver??, Green?? Not sure about those)
- 2 cans Duplicolor Lacquer (your choice of color.. for interior frame of case)
- 3 cans of Duplicolor Engine Black (or grey for lighter finish.. not as deep) Sandable Primer
- 2 cans of Duplicolor clear finishing coat, to protect your beautiful work.
- 3M Imperial Wetordry Sandpaper 400,600,1000,1500,2000, and a sanding block
- Tack Cloth or Denatured alcohol and paper towels
- Terry Cloth or 4 soft clean clothes that you never want again
- 3M Perfect-it II or III Rubbing Compound
- Meguiars Show Car Hand Glaze

** Note: I chose my side yard where no one would see my paint mistakes, even though I masked the walls and floor around this area just in case (no pun intended =). Do remember though that you have two enemies: mother nature’s wind and rain; and the insects from hell. If you paint and you encounter either of these, your hard work can easily be ruined my some insignificant insectoid. (It happened to me once out there.) I suggest(if at all possible) using a well ventilated garage, although you still have the problem with the insects coming to attack your beautiful work. Painting booths are a no-brainer choice but theres one problem – you have to have the booth!


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