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Saturday, August 2nd, 2003  

Chrome Look  |  Published: 05-21-2002

How Far Is The Edge?

With Techland being one of the new additions to the widely popular E3 convention in Los Angeles, PC Paradox takes a glimpse of what they have to offer. Though some projects are far away from the horizon, some look more than promising. But Techland has certainly grabbed the horse by the reins and jumped to a headstart. The first game that stands out of Chrome.

How Much Can Depend On One Man?

Chrome is a tactical shooter that brings a fresh breeze into a highly exploited FPS genre. As simple as that. Yet, a unique combination of established standards and truly innovatory elements makes Chrome stand out in the crowd.

Players are Bolt Logan, an experience mercenary with years of military experience. A half year ago his friend framed him and he is now residing on the planet Valkyria. Bolt's skills and knowledge widely vary, his arsenal is powerful, and his motivation is money. He and his sidekick hacker Carrie complete a handful of grunt missions for some extra cash at first. But when Bolt accepts a mission from Spacon Industries Corporation to find what happened to a mining shipment on the planet Terbon, everything goes down hill. In this world of anarchy Bolt must make a choice to decide whose side he will work for.

Throughout Chrome's gameplay, players are subject to many elements. Two planets, several moons, and a space station consist of Chrome's landscapes. Eight vehicles from trucks and four-wheelers to armored transporters and shuttles are ready to be driven. Eighteen types of weapons such as a common knife, machine gun, rocket launchers, electric beam thrower, a plasma rifle and video weapons.

Non-linearity is Chrome strongest objective. Players will be able to run through this 22nd century realm with multiple ways in accomplishing a level. Some may be active, blowing everything up in sight, or passive, hiding in the bushes to ambush enemies. Its all up to the player.

A newly implemented physics module gives Chrome much to brag about. Its accounts, gravity, friction, explosions, wind, and bullets. When a bullet hits a person, their body will react to its force as if he or she was hit there. When a grenade is close to players, Bolt Logan's body will feel and react to its concussion. These life-like physics will bring a whole new aspect of reality to Chrome. Players will now be able to react appropriately with their realistic intuition in combat.

This recently release trailer shows the beauty of Chrome's worlds. Simply known as the Chrome engine, Techland has been keep this module nice and quiet. Yet, from this trailer we can easily see colorful landscapes, smooth models and frame rates and a ton of environment effects to compliment the realistic physics. Though we haven't yet seen Chrome directly in action, its graphics shouldn't be a disappointment.

Chrome is next step in fighting a future war. Enhanced graphics, non-linear gameplay, diverse game elements, and a realistic physics system all spell out promise for Chrome. But there is one more question left to answer: How much can depend on one man?

The first three images are newly released in-game screenshots of Chrome. The last three are covers taken from Techland's E3 Press Pack:


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