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Saturday, October 4th, 2003  

Sky Hawk Aluminium Mini-Server  |  Published: 02-15-2002


Sky Hawk as a company may not be as well known as some of its competitors but that has not stopped it from competing with them on their own turf. The Mini-Server aluminum case is the product we are looking at today. The name Mini-Server somewhat confuses what the size of the case is, the case itself is a mid-tower case. Sky Hawk produces a wide variety of aluminum and steel cases, everything ranging from rack mounted cases to cabinets. Aluminum has become the metal of choice for enthusiast cases mainly because of its light weight, good looks, and cooling abilities. Aluminum cases transfer heat a lot more readily than their steel counterparts.

Here's a bit of Sky Hawk history direct from their website:

Sky Hawk Group, founded in 1988, is a specialist in the wide range of computer peripherals and Network system solution provider. With the R&D and Operation Center in Taiwan with a capital of US$ 10 million and an average turnover of US$ 40 million per year, factory in China, and Distribution Centers in Five Continents. Sky Hawk Group can efficiently integrate global resources to supply the customers quality products with competitive prices and professional services.


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Johann 'Wizard' Ramirez

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Sky Hawk


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