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Saturday, June 21st, 2003

PC Paradox Advertising Information

Interested in advertisng at PC Paradox is an online publication geared towards computer gamers and hardware afficianados. When PC Paradox started over 4 year ago we never dreamed that we would become the size that we are now. During the past few months we have been averaging 200,000-300,000 visitors a month and this is constantly growing.

The main age group that reads our site is the 12-25 group with most of the readers being males. Another interesting fact about PC Paradox's diverse readership is that we have many visitors coming from non North American countries. From our statistics from 2001 we counted 87% of our viewers as coming from both the US and Canada, 3% from the UK, 2% from the rest of Europe, 3% from South America, and finally 3% from South East Asia. We pride ourself on this diverse population and in light of these statistics, started a spanish version of our website for the Latin American readers a year ago.

Advertising Statistics

Site Name : PC Paradox
Traffic : 200,000-300,000 impressions per month
               50,000-64,000 unique readers a month
Demographics :  87% North America, 3% UK, 2% Europe, 3% South America, 3% South East Asia.

On the whole, PC Paradox has been catering to the needs of the gaming and hardware community for quite some time and we feel that we are just beginning to see our potential as a information distributor as well as a vehicle for advertising and marketing campaigns. If you are interested in running advertisements on, please contact Jason Joseph at or if you are interested in running ads throughout the RealGN network which PCParadox is on, contact him at his network address .



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