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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

Welcome to the PCP About Us section. Whether you are a long time reader or someone new, you are probably here because you want to know more about us, your esteemed and trusted site creators. Ok, fine, so we are neither esteemed nor trusted, but you still want to know about us. Enjoy =)

Jason "TheCorp" Joseph
ICQ: 13524913
Location: Los Angeles, CA
1.2 ghz athlon 266 AXIA @ 1.4 Ghz, HP 12XCDRW/ 8x DVD Combo drive, Epox 8K7A, 512 DDR 266 RAM, 40 gig 7200 IBM HD, MSI 8831 64 meg DDR Geforce2 Pro, 9.1 gig 5400 RPM Ultra SCSI Drive, 54X CDROM Teac, Soundblaster SBLive! Platinum, Dual 3COM Nic, UltraSCSI Adaptec Card
Administrator, Hardware Editor, News Boy, Spiritual Leader
Jason Joseph was born in Lake Arrowhead California, a small and lonely mountain community. Lets fast forward to the better chunk of his life that was spent in San Diego California where he met Exodus and Tresani at some point or another in school. From there PCParadox started up, and the rest is history! Today he resides in Los Angeles California (more specifically, Watts) which is in lovely south side LA, the "nicest" part of town, while attending the University of Southern California (USC). He is majoring in Computer Science and Economics and one day hopes to take over the world with the aide of an overcooked hotdog and a rabid monkey. ;-)
Kevin "Exodus" Weinberg
ICQ: 15588889
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Software Editor in Chief, PR Bitch, News Boy, Head Monkey
Kevin is a monkey, and thats about it
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