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    Deus Ex is the future of what first-person action games should be. ION Storm Austin has taken the present world, placed it in the year 2052, and implemented role-playing elements to a first-person shooter to create Deus Ex. A plot set in a world full of chaos, corruption, and terrorists fifty years in the future, but still has the same locations, such as the Statue of Liberty, will entrance the gamer at first sight. J.C. Denton, a nano-augmented agent in an anti-terrorist group, has a very charismatic and appealing feel while the visuals are absolutely astounding. As the story, setting, and characters might have a profound impact on the gamer, the graphics is the most appealing feature. Beautifully detailed cities from across the world will make Deus Ex incredibly realistic. Even though games like Daikatana and Anachronox have received much more attention than this action/role-playing game, Deus Ex has all the ingredients to make a large impact on the gaming industry.

    The story of Deus Ex is possibly the most attractive and realistic plot that takes places in the future. Earth is plagued by terrorists and the global economy is in decline because of crime. Drugs, disease, and pollution have become even worse, and it seems no one can prevent or stop these ever-growing problems.

    The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly, killing thousands; drugs, disease, and pollution kill even more. The world's economics are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor has grown to the size of the Grand Canyon. Worst of all, an ages old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control. No one believes they exist. No one but you. In this thrilling role-playing adventure you play the part of a powerful, nanotechnologically augmented anti-terrorist agent. It's up to you to stop the conspirators from achieving their goals. But this world is full of lies and betrayal, a world where nothing is as it seems and entire nations can seemingly be turned against you at the push of a button. To succeed, you must travel the globe in a quest for knowledge, develop your character's strengths as you see fit, build a network of allies to assist you, determine when stealth and strategy are more important than action. And each time you think you've got the mystery solved, the game figured out, there's another, deeper mystery to be unraveled. You will never know who to trust, who your friends are, who's in the conspiracy and who's innocent. Maybe no one is.....

    ION Storm Austin wastes no time to get straight to the point in Deus Ex. This role-playing game occurs in a futuristic and imaginative world where anything can happen and the technology is far beyond what humans have now. Most action games have taken place in the future mainly because of the flexibility it gives to the developers. ION Storm Austin has done the exact same thing, but has taken that flexibility and put that into the real world. Since this interesting story will pave the way for imagination, futuristic weapons, characters, technology, and places can be created with nearly no complications. Deus Ex's story will be a very interesting one to watch develop, especially because the setting takes place on Earth.

    One of the most interesting features ION Storm Austin has added into Deus Ex is the setting. This action game takes place in fifty years in the future and uses real locations such as the Statue of Liberty. Sending J.C. Denton, the main character, in places such as Hong Kong, New York City, Paris, Washington D.C., this game adds a great twist of imagination to reality. Instead of the gamer just admiring the beautiful graphics of locations developed through figments of imagination, Deus Ex will take real-life locations and adapt them to 2052. It will be interesting to see how ION Storm will perceive these locations fifty years in the future.

    PC Paradox: How is Deus Ex broken up story-wise? Are there certain "Acts" like Diablo II, or just one continuous winding story?

    Harvey Smith: Well, Warren is very much into the 3 act structure (being a master of films and television *before* becoming a game industry geek). So early on, when he was working out the rough story outline, he broken it up into 3 acts. Then, we all got together and pounded on it, modified it, and filled in the specifics of our individual missions. (Yes, we are mission based, though the player may never see the mission transitions.) Even after this long (and, until recently, continuing process) Deus Ex has maintained something of its 3 act structure--there are definitely different feels to the different phases of the game.

    Having Deus Ex split up into missions, instead of having one continuous plot, will allow the gamer to completely understand what is happening. Most action games tend to be one large plot that nearly never ends, but that detracts from the story a great deal. ION Storm Austin has made a very smart move by breaking the game down into missions and focusing on the story more than having a continuous gameplay.

    Deus Ex has been designed to integrate role-playing elements into a first and third-person perspective action game. The game has many characters ranging from the main character, to partners, to non-playable characters.

    The main character will be a human named J.C.Denton, and you will have a brother named Paul. One thing known about the game is that it will incorporate 'nanotechnology', or bio-enhancements. This will allow the gamer to do things like jump higher than usually possible, see farther, run faster, etc. Both J.C. Denton and Paul are the first humans to have nanotech enhancements with no outwardly visible indications. The Deus Ex world contains humans with mechanical enhancements (the first steps to the newer nanotech ones), who look like monsters because of them.

    PC Paradox: Deus Ex is a hybrid between a role-playing game and an action game, can the gamer control more than one character at a time?

    Harvey Smith: No--you have a single character that you construct and modify through the game. However, we do, in a weird way, have a party-like system. We have two pools of allies (at two different points in the game).You have complete control, through your actions in the game, over which allies join your pool. You can benefit from their specialized skills.

    The feel ION Storm Austin is attempting to make is a role-playing game in a world revolving around one man. J.C. Denton will always be the character and who the gamer controls, but non-playable characters will definitely aid him through his missions. Skills will be learned and improved while the dialogue and story will keep the gamer hooked. The interactivity in Deus Ex is a very strong point that will encourage the gamer to play more of this action/role-playing game.


    ION Storm Austin

    Eidos Interactive

    Pentium 200

    Expected Release:
    Quarter 4 of 1999



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