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    Published on 1/17/00

    Unreal Tournament is better than Quake 3 Arena.

    Unreal Tournament is better than Quake 3 Arena.

    I bet you thought that discussion was over, long gone, completely forgotten. Than let me ask you this, why did half of you just open up your e-mail client to curse me out, while the other half were nodding their heads in agreement? I'm going to re-open this debate, because frankly, it interests me. I enjoy hearing your opinions, and am surprised by the intelligence and legitimacy in them (well most of them ;). More over, it amazes me that politicians and religious fruitcakes blame video games such as UT and Quake for the downfall of IQ, and yet there are 12 years olds E-mailing and trying to explain to me the nuances of texture mapping. But that's a column for another day.

    I will be posting several of the comments I receive in my upcoming columns, and keep this saga in the chapter of gaming going a little while longer. I will answer your e-mail, though it may take some time. Anyhow, If you're going to send me your opinions, you might as well hear my thoughts on the subject.

    Unreal Tournament is better than Quake 3 Arena.

    Face it folks, you're hooked on Quake. Not because the series is good, but simply because it's all you've known since the evolution and birth of the First person shooter. You were either brought up on Castle Wolfenstein, Doom or Quake. Either way, ID software has been feeding your habit for years. In their defense, all First person shooters are generally the same game with enhancements. Some of the newer ones, such as UT, try to give you something different, something un-ID. I had one reader send me an E-mail exclaiming that the levels in UT were too nice to play in. This fits nicely into the point I'm making here. He's used to playing Quake levels, so of course anything else seems odd.

    While you moon that over, I'll just toss over some random notes to get you thinking.

    · The weapons in Q3A are simply not balanced, I don't care how you look at it.

    · AI in UT seems to actually make moves that require some level of intelligence.

    · Q3A is more an add-on than a sequel

    · UT Engine…Need I say more?

    · No finesse in Q3A, rather everything is a mess and hard to make out.

    · And of course Graphics, but I'll let you figure out where I stand.

    Before you get going, keep in mind I enjoy Q3A quite much, and can be found several nights rummaging through servers picking a fight. I just enjoy UT more. And with that boys and girls, I declare open season on me, open. Let the fragging begin. Stick Around...

    Send your thoughts on the Q3A Vs UT debate to: (Ed. Please guys, dont be too harsh on the first day, we really like this guy ;) And for those of you who like to duke it out in the forums, well we have just the thing for ya. The debate should be raging in our totally new forums! Also if you would like to VOTE for your Favorite Online Game (UT and Q3 are included) just click here and look on the sidebar on the right and vote away!



    Rayne Summers

    Gaming Editorial



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