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    Omikron: The Nomad Soul
    Quantic Dream
    Publisher: Eidos Interactive

    Release Date: Quarter 4 of 2000

    Omikron: The Nomad Soul is an arcade/action game that combines the ideas of Shiny Entertainment's Messiah and Appeal's Outcast. Omikron is a crime-ridden world and the Nomad Soul is the gamer's characters who can possess over fifty characters and manipulate them. The plot in Quantic Dream's forthcoming game is all about revenge. The world of Omikron is threatened by hordes of demons whose aim is to capture souls to increase their power, the power of Astaroth, Prince of Darkness. Many people are corrupted by demons and evil oozes from their flesh. Therefore, the gamer is on his own in this vast world and must destroy the Prince of Darkness to free the Omikronians from this curse.

    -Real-Time 3D Engine
    -Motion Capture Animation
    -Freedom in an Enormous City
    -Gamer Allowed to Reincarnate
    -Adventure Elements with Real-Time Action
    -Sophisticated Storyline
    -Soundtrack done by David Bowie
    -Hundreds of Non-Playable Characters

    Omikron: The Nomad Soul will offer over fifty hours of gameplay as the gamer roams around Omikron in search for new quests and seeking to destroy Astaroth. The unique style of the game is extremely interesting, the concept is inventive, and the graphics are absolutely stunning. Quantic Dream has put a twist on Omikron by adding some great inventive features to make this game stand out from the others.

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    Developer: Bungie Software
    Publisher: Bungie Software

    Release Date: Quarter 4 of 1999
    Download: Oni E3 Trailer

    Bungie Software, known for their previous successes of Marathon and Myth: The Fallen Lords, are at it once again to further another genre. After creating one of the first 3D-accelerated real-time strategies, Oni was announced determined to show that a third-person action can be perfected. Oni is influenced dramatically by Japanese Animation while Bungie has implemented their own story. The story revolves around Konoko, a young girl in a protection agency. Konoko's past and personality is gradually revealed in the gameplay as a twisted plot of deceit and evil unfolds.


    -Real-Time Combat
    -Third Person Perspective
    -Stunning Graphics
    -Strong Artificial Intelligence
    -Futuristic and Japanese-anime Influence Story
    -Co-operative and Deathmatch Multiplayer Games
    -Power of Seven Soundtrack

    This real-time combat based action game by Bungie Software definitely has some potential to further the genre a little farther. As most Bungie games have been a complete success, Oni will surely continue that trend. The in-depth single player and the multiplayer will offer some extravagant gameplay while the visuals are some of the best seen so far. Oni is definitely a game which could be closely watched for its jammed so much with potential, the box might explode.

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    Developer: 3DRealms
    Publisher: 3DRealms

    Release Date: "When Its Done"

    One of the most mysterious games out there, Prey, which has caught nearly everyone's eye at least once. 3DRealms has been a conservative developer hiding their projects to prevent distractions to assure greatness in each title. Not much is known about the story's details, but the gamer will assume the role of Talon Brave, a native american who is suddenly sucked into a cosmic struggle spanning to the edges of the universe. Prey looks like one smash hit, and 3DRealms says this is the first game starring Talon Brave, so expect some more after this.


    -Mysterious Science-Fiction Plot
    -First-Person Perspective
    -Spectacular Graphics
    -Portal Technology 3D Engine Supporting Shadow Casting, Colored Lighting, Dynamic Lights and much more.
    -Dark, VCiolent and Extremely Intense Gameplay
    -Preditor Map Editor Available
    -Power of Seven Soundtrack

    Prey might be mysteriously, but its prescence is felt around the gaming industry. Many people have waited for this great-looking game to be released, but unfortunately there is no released date. On the brighter side, Prey's long development can only make it better.

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    Kevin 'Exodus' Weinberg

    Jarrett 'Jorell' Kaye

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